Mt. Calvary Free Will Baptist Church
Everyone matters at Mt.Calvary!

Just as a chain is the finished product of many pieces coming together, our church is the product of many people serving Christ together. When we say connect, we have a very specific purpose in mind. We want to connect you to a local body of Christians who love their Lord Jesus Christ. Everything done here at Mt. Calvary revolves around that love for Christ. The pages you find here are designed to help you connect to Mt. Calvary if you are a first-time visitor or a member for several years. We have four levels of connection we want you to understand.

If this is you first visit to, we would love to answer any questions you may have through our first stage of connection.


In our second stage of connection, we want to have you physically come to our church and visit for a service. We have several pages giving you information on our beliefs, our service times and what your children will be enjoying during services. In this second connection stage, we want you to easily be able to find us and enjoy our services. 


The third and most important connection stage is when you join the family of God. We have put together a brief explanation of salvation to help you understand how you can be part of the family of God.


After you have learned about and visited our church and are saved by God's grace, we believe Christians should serve God with their lives. While some people are called to full-time service, others are called to be lay-workers in the local church. We want to provide opportunities for you to fulfill that aspect of God's command. This final source of connection is service to God. 


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