Mt. Calvary Free Will Baptist Church
Teen Ministries

Sunday School Classes

    7th - 9th Grade

During the early teen years, young people are going through major transitions in their lives. They are transitioning from childhood years into the soon coming adult years. At Mt. Calvary we understand their unique needs. Through our Sunday School ministry we offer a class dedicated to these transitioning young people. We believe that these young people can make a difference for the Lord now and in the future and we are happy to have a part in helping them make this transition successfully. 

    10th - 12th Grade

While their parents may not want to admit it, these young people have only a few years left before they will be adults. We understand that these young people are searching for important answers to some hard questions. 

  • Where did we come from?
  • Where are we going?
  • How can I find God's will?
  • Does God care about my life? 
  • Who was Jesus?
  • Can the Bible really be God's Word?
As with every ministry at Mt. Calvary, our goal is to emphasize Biblical answers to real questions. We have dedicated a special Sunday School class for these future world leaders to give them solid Biblical training that prepares them for the young men and ladies they are quickly becoming.  



As Jesus was ascending into heaven, He gave his disciples a simple command to spread the Gospel to the world. Many teenagers feel they are not responsible to follow this command because it is only for adults. At Mt. Calvary, we emphasize soul-winning visitation for teenagers. Every Wednesday, we gather at 4:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall where we go out to spread the Gospel to neighborhoods in our area. We believe it is important for our teens to share the Gospel because we want them to obey the commandment of Christ and we want to train them for a future of serving God with their lives. 


Teen Service


The highlight of the week in our youth department is our Wednesday night teen service. We meet at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall while the adults are in the main auditorium. We spend a few minutes taking care of announcements and sometimes spend some time on a game or video. After these few minutes of preliminaries, we have a short song service which sets the mood perfectly for God's Word to be preached. Although their may be various methods of teaching and preaching in our teen service, the main goal is always to teach the young people the Word of God. 




Throughout the year, our teens attend a wide variety of activities. There are always many fun and exciting activities planned including trips, on-campus activities and various activities at area attractions. We also schedule youth rallies, conferences and summer camps. Our goal in all our activities is two-fold. 

  1. We always want to glorify God and learn about His Word whenever possible.
  2. Anytime possible, we want to incorporate fun into our activities in the interest of encouraging fellowship and to show young people that God's Word is an exciting book. 
All of our activities are viewable on our Calendar. They are color coded in purple and have all of the information about the activity available by simply clicking on the event. 


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